The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #7: Michael Stahl (Servpro, CMO)

Episode Summary

Michael Stahl is the freshly minted CMO of “disaster clean-up” company Servpro. On the job for a mere 3 weeks, a pandemic ensues. Unable to move to his soon-to-be-new Nashville home, Stahl had the courage on a Zoom leadership call to suggest Servpro devote focus and resources to develop a robust cleaning program for the purposes of mitigating the Covid crisis spreading across America. 18 days later, the “Certified Servpro Clean” program rolled out nationwide. We discuss what it was like for Michael to suggest this pivot, the reality that Michael had to win over a team he still hasn’t met in person and the necessary speed at which the company moved at to provide customers with a product they so desperately needed. If you ever wondered “why not you, why not now”, this is a must listen episode about jumping on a corporate opportunity and taking courageous action.

Episode Notes

Show Notes:

4:39 - ServPro's Time to shine (during Quarantine)

5:32 On the front line cleaning up the crisis

7:19Getting  Calls To Clean Up Covid

8:07 The Courage to Suggest a Pivot (6 weeks into his new job)

8:35 We Serve Up A Different Title For ServPro's CMO

9:27 Launching "Certified ServPro Clean"

10:29 With Covid, it isn't about what you can see; it's what you can't see

11:34 Attacking Covid with The 3Cs

12:30 The difference betwen 1) the emergency clean, 2) the proactive "reduce the spread of Covid" clean

14:05 Never Stop Listening

16:42 The Courageous Cleaning Teams In The Field

17:59 "This is a Villain You Can't See"

19:29 The importance of the C-Suite having opens lines of communication

19:47 This is Our Time

21:54  Did Michael Make Believers or Fake Believers?

24:07 The #1 Priority for  CEO's: Keeping physical premises safe

25:46 Building Internal Trust

33:19 Navigating United Healthcare

38:03 Why Not You. Why Not Now.

39:12 Putting what he calls "the trifecta" in play

40:07 Trifecta: Do Good Work. Get Compensated for doing so. Expand the brand (all at the same time).

42:57 Making the world a bit better -- especially when that means spending time away from your family.

44:54 Courage Breeds Courage