The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #11: Jeff Boss (Navy SEAL)

Episode Summary

Jeff Boss always knew he was called to do more. In fact, he not only wanted to jump out of planes and blow stuff up (his words), he sheerly wanted to be the very best. So when he graduated from college, he chose to take the path less traveled fully committing to the mettle of becoming an elite Navy SEAL. The BUD/S experience and elite training was anything but a smooth ride.  Jeff,  who now homes four Bronze Stars with valor and two Purple Hearts from his 13 year experience as a Navy SEAL, shared what he learned from serving with his trusted teammates in the treacherous field.  He shares many guiding leadership principals that listeners can apply today including the importance of putting the team first, facing the thing that scares you most and addressing the hardest conversations head on. Enjoy. 

Episode Notes

3:22 - A battle that everyone fights within

5:08 - Wanted to jump out of planes and blow stuff up

5:22 - If I'm going to do it I wanted to be the best at it, and the SEALS are the best

6:17 - Had a laser focus 5-6 days a week for three years

7:30 - On BUDS...incredibly difficult physically, mentally, emotional.. but also the best time...

10:03 - Soul crushing and devastated to get rolled back...didn't know what I was going to do

11:04 - How much I learned about myself in that state of anguish, state of despair

11:14 - When I came back my pain threshold was through the roof...I came back more confident

13:28 - The priority start to think about yourself last

19:54 - Addressing issues head on

20:25 - We all heard each other, vented frustrations and were candid

21:30 - Feedback regardless of rank

22:05 - Becoming one unit

23:31 - How to get to trust in a group

25:35 - Difference between a group and a team

27:15 - Trust and respect in a team

29:48 - First thing you are scared of...tackle it
32:17 - Strategies for building trust

35:25- Separate emotion from the mission or task at hand
35:39 - Purpose is everything

37:39 - Courage is the bi-product of the purpose I am pursuing