The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #12: Brandon Lloyd (Former Pro Bowl NFL Player)

Episode Summary

Drafted in the 4th round of the 2003 NFL Draft, Brandon Lloyd didn’t think his Plan A would include becoming a Pro Bowl Wide Receiver, catching darts from Tom Brady or leading the league for a season in receiving yards. After 11 years playing in front of adoring fans (in SF, Washington, Chicago, Denver, St. Louis and New England), he now shares what life is like on the other side of the chalk. We cover a lot of ground in this podcast including what was important to Brandon’s family before football, what life was truly like behind the scenes in the NFL and how Brandon continues to work “in the now” to rebuild his identity after life in the NFL had concluded.

Episode Notes

06:36 - What Brandon is up to these days

08:00 - Transitioning teams

08:27 - Similarities between sports teams and corporate teams

09:39 - What Brandon misses about the NFL - the physicality, being the best, and preparation

09:45 - Vigorous exercise has been an outlet to prepare for my day and knock the edge off

10:46 - The last of 7 kids in the Lloyd family

12:16 - Grew up around a lot of loving people that were supportive

12:47  - Parents held me accountable

13:40  - A smart man learns from his mistakes, a stupid man never learns from his mistakes, and a wise man learns from other people's mistakes

16:01  - Just tell me what "don't" to do...

17:58  - The people we surround ourselves with is the greatest expressions of who we are

18:31 - Seeking continuous improvement

18:44 - How do I correct that?

19:19 - Humility was an underlying trait that was passed on to me

20:00 - Leaving school early and mom not being happy about the decision

24:11 - Owning up to promises and obligations

25:30 - Overcoming doubts

29:38 - Playing with Tom Brady - the perfect rotation

32:42 - Stepping up and becoming something

34:05 - Nothing was ever good enough...always wanted more

34:35 - An insatiable appetite always leaves you angry...never achieving enough or getting the desired result

34:53 - Tools: reading self help books and Eckhart Tolle, deconstructing the ego, hypnotherapy, applied kinesiology

36:25 - Improving myself personally and professionally, focusing on parenting, and staying present

38:00 - Learning from the experience in Washington

40:45 - Dialing in to mental health

41:21 - The right diet and the right mentality

42:18 - Not listening to the "mean" voice in your head

44:17 - Advice from Brandon 2.0

46:04 - The 2010 season

49:36 - The transition after football - "a major loss of identity"

51:34 - Understanding the tools gained and learned from football and applying them to new areas in life

54:22 - Raising two boys