The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #14: Jaelin Kauf (US Ski and Snowboarding)

Episode Summary

Get ready for some serious airtime as we get up, close and personal with US Ski & Snowboarding Athlete and current #2 Freestyle Mogul Skier in the world Jaelin Kauf. Jaelin, with the goal of becoming the globe's best female Freestyle skier, shares her action packed story of growing up on the mountain in a family of competitive skiers. We cover a lot of snow in this episode including her recent experience competing for Team USA at the PyeongChang Olympics as well as he current commitment, passion and fire to make it to the top of the podium in the 2022 Winter Olympics being hosted in Beijing. 

Episode Notes

00:01:57 - The biggest stage - The Olympics

00:03:00 - Growing up with a goal of competing at the highest level

00:03:57 - A family of skiers

00:04:45 - Watched my parents compete in the X Games

00:05:59 - Always competing in some sort of ski event

00:06:51 - Speed, turns and air...and you have to perfect all three

00:07:20 - Being in the moment

00:08:00 - Train all year for thirty seconds

00:10:31 - At home workouts

00:12:00 - Training during summer time

00:13:32 - Focused on what I can do versus everyone else

00:15:18 - Working with a sports psychologist

00:18:14 - Preparing to peak in fours years for the next olympics

00:20:40 - Rapid fire questions

00:23:42 - Traveling and experiencing different cultures through skiing

00:26:34 - Finding sponsors

00:27:21 - Warren Miller's 'Timeless'

00:29:18 - Helicopter skiing

00:32:05 - Have fun and love what you are doing!

00:33:41 - Being the best in the world

00:36:12 - The Woman's Advocacy Group

00:37:10 - Sharing encouragement with other young female athletes