The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #15: Katie Decker (Global  President of Johnson & Johnson)

Episode Summary

Protests. Pandemics. Paralysis. If you’re like many, perhaps you feel your company isn’t doing enough to the right the wrong’s you’re currently witnessing in the news. This week on the Courageous Podcast we're joined by the approachable Global President of Johnson & Johnson’s Essential Health and Sustainability Katie Decker. Katie has been a champion at J&J in overseeing baby, oral, hair care and wound while powering new initiatives such as sustainability, purpose and Diversity & Inclusion. If she can make change (with her teammates) in a behemoth like J&J, so can all of us. Katie will share a few of the hard conversations their team took on over the course of the last year as well as their commitment to listening to their staff for the purposes of  creating real change. 

Episode Notes

00:02:22 - Meet Katie Decker: Global President of J&J's Essential Health

00:05:32 - How Katie Juggles The J&J Portfolio

00:06:27 - "The Most Uncomfortable Role I've Even Been In Is The One I'm In Right Now"

00:08:32 - Moving Off Old Ways of Doing Business

00:08:42 - "This Massive Leap of Faith Over The Last Year"

00:10:19 - J&J's Commitment to Consumer Health

00:11:01 - Serving a Billion Consumers Daily

00:12:32 - Katie Shares Her Time Allocation Between Essential Health, Sustainability & D&E&I 

00:14:31 - The importance of belief

00:16:05 - Eating The Corporate Elephant

00:17:16 - The Impact of George Floyd at J&J
00:19:49 - J&J's Current Undertaking to Better Understand Systemic Racism

00:22:48 - Berman share's launching "" as a white man

00:23:26 - "You feel like you're going to say the wrong thing".

00:28:41 - Creating belief starts with data

00:31:08 - "We get up everyday to make people's lives healthier"

00:31:31 - Health of people + Health of the planet

00:32:43 - J&J's 800M commitment/investment in sustainability

00:37:21 - Was J&J the first purpose based company?

00:38:34 - J&J's Credo Recently Modernized

00:39:07 - Katie's response to Business Haiku's

00:41:01- Is status quo ever a good thing?
00:43:47 - Katie shares her exchange with imposter syndrome

00:48:16 - Next Week's Episode: A Real Live Superhero Ricky Mena