The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #17: Geoff Cottrill (Marketer)

Episode Summary

"You're going to fire me one day. I want this to be the thing you’re going to fire me for."  From Coke to Converse, master story teller Geoff Cottrill has the resume of marketing royalty but the humility and humbleness to stay himself. He is a self proclaimed “serial marketer who hates the way we’re supposed to do marketing”.  As Geoff attests, no consumer wakes up in the morning just excited about an ad launch.  So how do we rethink the way we go about listening, connecting and treating consumers vs assuming they’re ok with us interrupting their stream, mobile phone or day. Geoff shares why he is incredible passionate about the consumer -- and making sure there’s both mutual respect and their voice (front and center) in the board room.  Geoff also ranks his courageousness in each job along the journey, shares the decision for Coke to bring back “New Coke” via Stranger Things and, finally, the importance of speaking up, keeping it personal and not being afraid to “go all the way”.

Episode Notes

4:34 - Life long serial marketer who hates the way we're supposed to do marketing

5:07 - His two daughters: a Producer and a Musician

6:46 - "I hate lazy marketing"

8:15 - Marketers often wake up in the morning assuming people care what you have to say

9:44 - Geoff shares "the twofold" job of the marketer
11:44 - The pain of Covid advertising

13:47 - Incredible passionate about the consumer -- and making sure their voice is considered

14:12 - People confuse growth for a goal: growth is a result.

15:21 - Geoff's internal empty chair exercise

17:11 - The importance of being good to people.

18:20 - The fallacy of heritage (when the consumer doesn't care)

20:31 - Hard to keep continuity on big brands today because players come and go

20:51 - New P in marketing = Personal

23:31 - Talking at consumers vs Communicating with consumers

27:10 - Stranger Things amplifies "New Coke" -- the decision for Coke to say "yes"

28:40 - "This is a new coca cola company"

29:06 - 3B PR Impressions from Stranger Things partnership

31:08 - Know Going In You Are Going To Get Fired: What gives you the courage to take shots

32:30 - Geoff's interview with Mike Wilsky.

33:27 - "Have you ever gone all the way" - Interview question, Mike Wilskey (Nike)

34:51 - "You're going to fire me one day. I actually want this to be the thing you fire me for."

35:43 - The importance of going for it

38:23 - Geoff explains the "what's the catch" no catch...catch.

41:05 - "I try to surround myself with ridiculously creative people and see what happens."

42:18 - The power of music in their family: his wife and his two daughters

44:31 - Geoff's new role sitting on a few Boards

48:06 - Geoff explains a meeting at Coke when he was new and didn't say anything (but should have)