The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #19: Jay Baer (Hall of Fame keynote speaker)

Episode Summary

Jay Baer is a 7th generation entrepreneur, the author of 6 profound best-selling business books, a world renown Hall of Fame keynote speaker and the CEO of social media strategic firm Convince & Convert. We cover a lot of ground in this episode including Jay’s thoughts on “hustle culture”, his reasoning for scribing his latest book about WOM “Talk Triggers” and a delightful deconstruction for making CX (Customer Experience) digestible and successful for his clients. Jay also shares what he does and doesn't miss about the keynote stage and the importance of word of mouth — even though less than 1% of companies have a sound word of mouth strategy.

Episode Notes

2:31 - A weird time for a world renowned keynote speaker

4:11 - Do business travelers really do their best work on a plane?

5:35 - Who is Convince & Convert

6:53 - The shift to virtual keynotes and the investment in equipment.

8:01 - Jay is a 7th Generation Entrepreneur

8:47 - Jay shares his haunting 8 year gap between wanting to be an Entrepreneur and when he finally leaped

10:34 - Jay shares his process for overcoming what he was afraid of.  

13:28 - Jay shares "you do you" during Covid

15:08 - Jay shares his latest book, "Talk Triggers"

15:26 - THIS COULD BE THE OPEN. Less than 1% have a Word of Mouth strategy

18:38 - 23 case studies in "Talk Triggers".

20:35 - Discussing aided and unaided ways to track WOM

21:25 - Search Engines for Bentley: High, Search Engines for Bentley dealer: Extremely Low

22:36 - Jay has written 6 books. He shares how he pressure tests book topics.

24:57 - Does Jay have a favorite of his 6 books?

26:46 - Jay shares his process to dissecting a client's hardest questions.

29:48 - Jay predicts what life will be like 90 Days from now

30:20 - What Jay does and doesn't miss about the keynote stage

31:54 - Jay shares the stress of being on the road all the time

36:16 - Jay shares one of the best pieces of feedback that helped him prepare for the keynote stage

38:18 - Every Jeep has an easter egg on the vehicle

41:14 - Staying curious of "what's out there"

41:24 - "When I notice a pattern, I'll start picking at it."

41:50 - 71% of Customer Experience Fail to Deliver ROI

42:58 - CX: be quick, be clear, be kind

46:24 - What does Jay see himself as first: a speaker? A strategist?  Something else?

49:38 - Jay shares he's "only" good at two things: 1) seeing patterns and translating them, 2) judging talent

51:05 - What is Jay afraid of?