The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #22: Bryant Brennan (Peloton) + Jason Harris (Mekanism)

Episode Summary

"If you don't believe in what you're doing, the results aren't going to be good. They might be ok. But they’re not going to go beyond.” Bryant Brennan is the SVP of Global Creative at Peloton overseeing a team of 100 responsible for consumer and member experience. Jason Harris is the author of The Soulful Art of Persuasion and the CEO of creative advertising agency Mekanism. Together, the two organizations have been working over the last 4 years to bring forward the soul of the Peloton brand to an adoring community. In this episode, we discuss how Peloton today is made up of multiple businesses in one (fitness, self-improvement, tech), the investment Peloton has made in working with Emmy award-winning Producers and the overall hybrid working relationship between the Mekanism and Peloton team. If you wanted a behind-the-scenes look at what drives Peloton, their new partnership with Beyonce and the importance of both organizations leading through their ethos, take a listen.

Episode Notes

3:41 - Jason Harris shares some background on Mekanism

5:10 - Bryant Brennan discusses the role his team plays at Peloton

6:07 - What business is Peloton in? Fitness? Self Improvement? Tech?

7:44 - Peloton's investment in Emmy-winning producers to make the class experience top notch for members.

9:23 - We discuss the freedom the Instructors have designing their rides

11:09 - Jason discusses the beginning of the Mekanism + Peloton partnership

12:07- Jason discusses the importance of the growing Peloton community

12:28 - Peloton internal ethos: members first

13:47 - Jason shares how important culture was to the creation of Mekanism

15:44 - The future of brand-agency relationship is happening now with Peloton-Mekanism.

17:32 - Bryant shares, "There's a lot of confidence in what Mekanism brings to the table in how we collaborate together."

18:45 - Bryant shares the importance of having a creative partner integrated in all facets of the business right down to the KPIs.

20:35 - Jason discusses the impact of Covid and the urgent importance of performance marketing today

21:10 - As the soul guy, does Jason worry if we're going to lose soul in the work because of performance analytics.

23:23 - Bryant talks about the need to embed creative leadership across the teams

24:07 - Bryant: "A community built around community, performance has to have soul to it."

27:44 - Jason shares the pivot to feature real stories of the Peloton community

29:58 - How Peloton uses other platforms like Facebook to grow the community

31:52 - Bryant discusses the Beyonce partnership

33:24 - What's the most courageous move each has seen at their organizations

35:59 - Bryant shares a personal moment of courage

38:07 - Jason shares a moment of courage for Mekanism with Obama/Biden campaign

40:00 - Jason shares how writing his book was a time he needed courage

41:03 - "Anytime you do something and you put yourself out there, you have to step off the ledge. And it's scary" - Jason Harris

42:14 - Bryant and Jason's respond to 3 Business Haikus.

46:25 - "Culture trumps currency. If you invest in culture, profit will come." - Jason Harris

47:56 - "If you don't believe in what you're doing, the results aren't going to be good." - Bryant Brennan