The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #26: Brandon Farbstein (Gen Z Activist)

Episode Summary

On this episode of The Courageous Podcast, we’ll be joined by 21 year old world changer, inspirational speaker and Gen Z Activist Brandon Farbstein who is one of just 89 people in the world diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism. We discuss what life is like standing in the shoes of 3 foot 9 Brandon, how he uses his platform for good and his fight to help others on their battles of self acceptance. Brandon also shares some of his darkest days being bullied and how he turned that part of his life into his life’s mission. Join us as we see first hand the differences between a disability and debilitation. Brandon is living proof.

Episode Notes

3:09 - How Brandon and Berman first met

3:48 - Brandon's background - GenZ activist, speaker, political activist, and influencer

3:57 - One of 84 people in medical history diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism called metatropic dysplasia

4:36 - Turning point at age 11 when I was close to ending my life...tired of the suffering

5:52 - Opportunity to share my story for the first time through TedX

6:06 - First time I was vulnerable and authentic...through this experience I found my purpose and mission in life at age 15

8:16 - We all experience the same emotions, that's what it means to be a human being

10:22 - Finding someone to open up to, be comfortable, and feel seen and heard

11:33 - Standing in my own way with my thoughts

13:01 - Looking back, I wish I could have given myself more empathy

15:02 - The process of writing Ten Feet Tall

16:45 - Strategies to push through and keep going

18:09 - Imposter syndrome

20:01 - How did I unpack that anger and release it?...through personal development and control of my own thoughts

20:58 - Hurt people.  Hurt people.

24:05 - Passing laws to support education on empathy and EQ

27:11 - Proactively address bullying and focus on mental health

31:52 - Understanding that it is totally ok to be different

32:03 - Authenticity is a super power

33:27 - Dealing with depression

34:41 - The pandemic of loneliness

35:05 - Depression causes you to disconnect and make you feel like you are all alone, trapped...if you see someone in crisis or a dark place the most important thing you can do is offer support

36:11 - Remind those that we love the most that they are not alone - even when they appear to be thriving

37:18 - Self care is not a privilege anymore, it's a priority

37:51 - Taking care of and elevating your emotional, mental and spiritual well being has never been more vital

38:13 - Give the gift to yourself and you will give it to those around you - you will show up as a better leader

38:54 - Disability doesn't mean debilitated

41:23 - What's next - D.C.

42:14 - In the moments of adversity and struggle, we grow the most