The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #27: Sam Saliba (Instagram)

Episode Summary

How does a guy who studied economics and analytics end up on a whirlwind marketing tour at Lucas Films, Intel, Ubisoft, Facebook, Adobe, Facebook and now Instagram? Sam Saliba, a global leader of Marketing at Instagram, shares there was no method to his madness as he designed his successful sojourn of a career. Looking back at it all, Sam admits each job experience has felt like a building block that nudged him towards his current work adventure. In this episode of The Courageous Podcast, we discuss the colossal difference between risk mitigation and risk navigation as Sam shares where his knack for risk-taking came from. He also provides three critical pieces of advice for anyone looking to get ahead in their careers, some tips for those creators looking to get ahead on Instagram and what he looks for when assessing his side gig: being an early stage investor.

Episode Notes

3:22 - Sam shares his work path from gaming to big tech.

3:52 - Sharing Instagram's latest campaign, "We Make Today"

5:26 - Sam shares his time in Product Marketing at Facebook.

6:31 - Sam's intention through it all: stay in the Bay area.

08:04 - Sam talks about working for creative-led Lucas Films.

9:34 - Thompson shares some Warren Buffett advice

10:58 - The power of working for a great leader

12:13 - If Sam could only pick one boss from previous bosses who would he pick...

14:44 - Sam shares 3 big learnings we can all take forward into our jobs

17:57 - "No one really knows what they're doing".

19:33 - Sam shares  how gut instinct helped fuel decisions in some past arenas.

20:00 - The balancing act of knowing how and when to look at data to inform decisions vs going on instinct, experience and intuition.

21:27 - When it comes to decision making, is there such a thing as too much data?

28:44 - Sam ponders how his last work life shows up in his new work life.

30:31 - Sam shares his side gig: being an investor.

31:43 - Sam has invested in 10+ companies now and shares what he's looking for in an idea.

34:51 - Sam lives vicariously through some of his investments -- and invests in people he believes in

37:08 - Sam shares his love of Mountain biking

38:53 - Mountain Biking is a form of meditation for Sam.

39:46 - Can you teach others to take risks?

40:18 - Sam shares his upbringing growing up in an immigrant family

42:41 - His 1st investment went well which sparked a fire to continue down that path

43:48 - Sam gives a little advice for Instagram creators

44:40 - The power of Reels