The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #30: Lisen Stromberg (Founder of PrismWork)

Episode Summary

If we were going to launch a business today, Lisen Stromberg would be a first round lottery pick for a partner! She is a thought leader, author, cultural strategist and the founder of PrismWork; a company that drives workforce innovation and 21st century leadership. In this episode of the Courageous Podcast we discuss the necessary, tectonic shifts happening in workplace culture today. This includes the need for team diversity, equity and belonging. We pontificate on if the United States of America were our client, how would we go about fixing its reputation. We discuss the importance of leaders shifting their focus from external shareholders to internal stakeholders. And we delved into the importance of gender mix found across high-performing cultures. This episode is for any leader who aspires to build a best-in-class 21st century company looking to align its purpose with its people, programs, products and processes. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

5:46 - We believe we have to be the ideal worker

6:25 - Heartwarming to hear the next generation of men stepping up and saying they want to be actively engaged fathers

6:32 - How to be great at your career and your family life

6:52 - The abundance mindset and trends we are seeing

7:10 - Value is not just about shareholders; it's about stakeholders

8:53 - Fears of taking a break from work

9:32 - The profile of productivity will surprise you - it's not about being all in, all the time

10:01 - Huge rise of parents versus non-parents

12:25 - This is a collective problem to solve, not an individual one

13:04 - Integrating work and family

13:29 - The United States ranks dead last in paid parental leave

14:17 - Please support

18:15 - We have a duality structure and we need to change that

18:20 - Go back to our original values as a country

20:15 - People need to be given a chance to learn and grow and change

20:53 - Forces from the bottom up and top down are creating change

21:24 - Background on PrismWork and HEARTI - Humility, Empathy, Accountability, Resilience, Transparency, Inclusivity

23:45 - The core traits of leadership in the 21st century

25:51 - Why buy-in from the full leadership team is important

28:51 - Often times what has happened is that someone is in pain and leaders need help to build it the right way.

32:01 - Humility and curiosity drive awareness

35:23 - Carol Dweck's research around scarcity mindset, abundance mindset and understanding a growth mindset.

37:23 - Why courage matters

39:06 - Courage happens every day

39:42 - Sharing your truth and finding courage in doing so can help someone else

41:52 - The cult of productivity

44:01 - The construct of corporate America

44:36 - The need to change what success looks like

44:46 - Taking time off from work has massive benefits

46:14 - Shame is not a driver for change

49:57 - How to live your best life

50:10 - Get clarity on your values and how you choose to spend your time