The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #31: Brent Gleeson (Navy SEAL and Author)

Episode Summary

Let’s call a spade a spade: 2020, for the most part, sucked. After that brutal time of hardship, our guest on this episode might have you think differently about that year of sheer adversity. Author and Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson’s new book, “Embrace The Suck” showcases how pain is in fact a portal to transforming your mind. While we know the importance of corporate mental toughness, in this episode, we ask Brent if it’s ok to ask clients about physical fitness. We discuss the nuances of becoming a high performance team, the importance of consistent discipline and the power of knowing then leaning into purpose. We also touch on what it was like slogging through BUDS with his SEAL mate and the writer of his Foreword, David Goggins. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

3:10 - Brent's background and starting his first company

3:57 - Learning about pivots in entrepreneurship

5:38 - Should every American serve in the military?

7:44 - What do you go through mentally in SEAL training

8:23 - The mental, physical and mindset transformation

8:51- Key attributes - grit, resilience, mental fortitude, passion, and a deep emotional connection to the idea of serving

12:47 - Taking Point - The foundational principles for leadership and organizational development

13:44 - Wanted 'Embrace the Suck' to be something actionable in the personal transformation space

15:34 - Navigating obstacles in a better fashion is a path to fulfillment and ultimately a more meaningful life

16:52 - Pain versus pleasure

18:35 - "Do something that sucks everyday"

19:24 - Get comfortable, being uncomfortable

19:03 - A growth mindset is wrapped in courage, courageous action, courageous thought, courageous faith and purpose

21:13 - Make a list on the items you do want to regret in life and execute that list

22:07 - Values and leadership at work versus at home

23:34 - "We defined a set of guiding principles for our family that helps us get through obstacles, challenges, and celebrate wins"

26:17 - Level of awareness to be successful

27:36 - "New Year's resolutions are for losers"

29:01 - Discipline is about balance - mind, body, and decisions

31:43 - Consistency and schedule of "successful" people - Sunday through Sunday

32:08 - Do your to-do list the day before, not the morning of...

33:58 - What does a regimented schedule look like with kids in the mix

36:10 - Communicate, set expectations and be willing to adapt

40:22 - How you can prepare yourself physically to help yourself mentally

42:30 - Brent shares his story of courage in the workplace