The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #32: Minter Dial (Leadership Expert)

Episode Summary

Get ready to be whisked away on a whirlwind adventure of how a Managing Director at L’Oreal went from the intensity of Madison Avenue to becoming an empathetic UK film maker, leadership consultant and Author. The versatile, deep-thinking Minter Dial joins us to share a handful of personal stories on how leading from any office, board room or stage starts with being prepared for those big, important life moments. We also discuss the importance of taking more control of our schedules and how we can learn to better manage our time vs the other way around. Finally, Minter gives us a snippet of his new book “You Lead” including a clear framework we can follow to become better leaders. Spoiler alert: It starts with getting clear on what’s important to you.

Episode Notes

4:50 - Minter's background from the non-traditional jobs to entrepreneurship and corporate life
7:17 - What was tugging at Minter to leave corporate and go back to entrepreneurship
8:42 - Leaning into tie dye...and wearing it to work
10:49 - The one moment that drove Minter to re-evaluate what he was doing with his career
15:07 - Do you know what you stand for?
19:12 - The challenge and the time needed to get to know yourself
19:21 - If you haven't done the work to know who you are, then you are being authentic about what?
20:26 - Standing up and standing out feels bad
20:58 - CHECK, the framework
24:06 - The link between empathy and time
26:53 - The cult of productivity is dangerous - it pulls on our resources and are not present with ourselves
27:44 - We replace being with doing more stuff
29:53 - Back to CHECK - Curiosity, Humility, Empathy, Courage, Karma
33:46 - Explaining Karma - intentions and actions
36:02 - You Lead, You
38:07 - Minter shares his story of vulnerability
42:24 - Minters view on being able to openly discuss death
43:40 - Minter shares his story of courage