The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #33: Derek Walker (Founder of advertising agency Brown & Browner)

Episode Summary

“I move through a store differently just because of how the world perceives me.” What’s life like walking in the shoes of Derek Walker in America? If you’re a Black man, you already know. If you’re not, on this episode of The Courageous Podcast, come learn from the straight-shooting founder of South Carolina advertising agency Brown & Browner’s Derek Walker. Derek is an impassioned advertising executive who is not afraid to share his profound point of view on the need for better leadership when it comes to race relations in both the board room and across the country. In this episode, we navigate the divide that exists between White America and Black America. Is the USA really the land of the free? What is the role that CEOs must play in the diversity, equity and inclusion conversation? Are there any leaders left or have we all surrendered to working for bosses? Join us for an honest, genuine conversation with Derek where no topic was left unchecked.

Episode Notes

4:09 - "This is how we never solve anything"

6:26 - "The worst thing that could happen to advertising was..."

9:13 - What scares Derek about today

12:11 - The power of values

15:21 - Being a believer in the Constitution

15:32 - Derek's concern with the Jeep Super Bowl commercial.

18:54 - Should we be united here in America?

21:04 - The need to address bad behavior of bad apples.

23:41 - Standing together for one single principle

27:27 - Where have the leaders gone?

29:55 - Being more diverse starts with the CEO

30:15 - "They are bosses; they are not leaders."

31:59 - Why Derek left NYC...

34:04 - Placing your people over clients

35:36 - Firing bad clients

38:29 - In business, courage is a competitive advantage. In life, being courageous makes us happier.

39:50 - Derek shares what he loves the most

42:07 - Safe is now unsafe.

45:06 - If you don't grow you're dying.

45:17 - We need to overcome the fear of talking about our differences

46:09 - Do white men see black people?

46:34 - "I move through a store differently just because of how the world perceives me."

48:35 - "No one is talking about Black Lives Matter anymore"

49:06 - Derek shares he was quoted a different price to speak at an event than a white colleague

51:52 - Some problems need conversation to get to solutions

53:55 - "We need to understand that we see things differently"

56:12 - Derek profiles talented Black creatives during Black History Month