The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #34: Micol Rankin (Host of "You Are Dope")

Episode Summary

Micol Rankin is a lot of things! Most of all, he’s a passionate spirit looking to lift up “dope” people doing “dope” work in the world. On this episode of The Courageous Podcast, we discuss his deep love of freestyle rap battling, his 13 years growing his craft as a creative and his epic LinkedIN content series “You Are Dope”. We also try to drop a new nickname on Micol that may or may not stick by his standards. For being a positive light that picks up others, Micol has also encountered some unimaginable heavy that has us running the gamut of emotions across the episode. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

3:24 - Celebrating Micol's tenure in the ad game

3:45 - Background in music and ready to sleep in the airport if need be

4:13 - Moving to Atlanta with only $300

5:38 - I'd rather die, than stay on this rock

7:03 - Not afraid to go down in flames of glory

7:52 - Micol's career and backstory

9:25 - iHeart discovered Micol from one of his rap's online

10:22 - Going from 20% Micol to 100% Micol

11:54 - A realization to just share 'me'

13:24 - You Are Dope introduces us to Micol

13:39 - The Drink, Micol's new nickname

16:10 - How Micol went cold turkey

16:51 - The process of figuring out what you believe in

17:38 - "...making sure the things in my life aligned with who I actually was..."

18:50 - The catalyst for starting You Are Dope

21:23 - We can't wait for other people to be the change.  It's our turn.

23:12 - How Micol got beyond being judged

27:11 - Locked in and aligned

28:22 - Micol gets real with is precious

30:23 - Honoring Micol's daughter

32:59 - Inspiration, support, and service

35:09 - Using my energy to lift you up

37:23 - Building a community

39:50 - You gotta get punched in the mouth

43:01 - For the love of Zinni