The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #37: Lilian Tomovich (CMO Grove Collaborative)

Episode Summary

Lilian Tomovich is a “kind competitor” who wants to win. While she has a serious passion for sports, she is a seasoned marketer who has spent a successful career growing on her experiences leaping from one vertical to another. With her ability to jump into teams across sectors — from banking to start-ups to gaming — Lili shares her perspective of the unique culture differences she has seen in companies focused on performance vs companies focused on brand. She believes technology matters; but people matter more. Finally, Lili shares her courageous story from corporate life which ends by giving excellent advice for any woman navigating predominantly stodgy, senior board rooms.

Episode Notes

3:41 - Lili shares the importance of trying new industries and taking on new challenges

4:21 - Lili believes start-ups aren't that different

5:03 - "every company is moving super fast these days."

6:35 - Nudging Wall Street think different about MGM.

9:08 - "Do you have 5 minutes" collision moments...

10:35 - Working for a boss "who wanted to change the world."

11:54 - Being at a start-up now ready for TV (top of funnel)

13:41 - "Each brand I have worked on has been clear on their role on the world."

16:49 - Navigating male dominated industries

19:19 - When to follow the legacy of a brand and when to let go/move on

21:15 - the power of purpose in business (when its genuine)

22:43 - Lili's passion for sports.

24:27 - using her toolkit to a new vertical

25:59 - Lili's shares her  courageous corporate story

32:19 - As a team, how does Lili liberate her team forward

33:08 - The importance of unlocking your own personal growth.

34:36 - Building empathy with your peers

35:49 - What's Your Super power?

37:55 - A piece of advice for women going into leadership roles