The Courageous Podcast

The Courageous Podcast Episode #39: Shelby Stanger (Badass Podcaster)

Episode Summary

The Courageous Podcast w/ Shelby Stanger What happens when the tables are turned on an award-winning podcast host? You get badass podcaster, producer and storyteller Shelby Stanger as your guest on The Courageous Podcast. Shelby is a colossal believer that stories can impact substantial change. She has not only covered those stories as a journalist but has lived them herself. On this episode of The Courageous Podcast, Shelby shares how she went about crafting her Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast that she knew she’d one day sell to REI. She also shares her current passion project called Vitamin Joy; a podcast that sets out to deliver more health, humor and joy into the world. From covering rock stars to sand boarding under the South African stars, Shelby talks us through her adventures over this entertaining, hour long episode.