The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman

The Courageous Podcast Episode #56: Bennie Fowler

Episode Summary

Peyton Manning. Drew Brees. Eli Manning. Each of these Super Bowl winning quarterbacks relied on Bennie Fowler to run routes, block or catch passes over the course of his 8-year NFL career. But as Bennie will tell you, each of the above drew him to his current passion of helping executives and organizations maximize their performance. Today, Bennie is an entrepreneur, the creator of MVP leadership (cliff hanger opportunity: the MVP doesn’t stand for what you think) and the author of the book Silver Spoon. As you’ll soon learn from our episode, Bennie first learned to love leadership from his father Bennie Fowler Senior who was a high ranking executive at the Ford Motor Company. We discuss their relationship, Bennie's road to the NFL and his current role guiding leaders in business today.