The Courageous Podcast

The Courageous Podcast Episode #58: Katie Nauman

Episode Summary

Approximately 13 million adopted pets have found their way into homes over the course of the pandemic. While we’ve taken in our lovable new fur babies over the last two years, many of us are heading back into the working world leaving our pets behind (and alone) for the very first time. In dog years, that’s over a decade and a half of their life! Mental health isn’t simply something humans are dealing with; our four legged children will be coping with their own new levels of anxiety. Enter the team at Petco and Chief Marketing Officer Katie Nauman. On this episode of the podcast, Katie and I discuss Petco’s shifting business to provide more holistic solutions for our pets and their owners. We chinwag on all the pet people working for the company and discuss how the idea of “bring a pet to work” is a year round ordeal in their culture. And, if you ever wanted to know how to go from an $8 an hour job to the Chief Marketing Officer at Petco, then this is the episode for you.