The Courageous Podcast

The Courageous Podcast Episode #9: Katie Babineau (Global Head of Marketing at Snap Inc)

Episode Summary

Katie Babineau is the versatile Global Head of Marketing at Snap Inc where she currently helps Snap Labs think through innovation with a keen focus on the future of Augmented Reality. Katie shares her path from Sony to GoPro to Apple before giving us an inside peak on what life has been like — now celebrating her one year anniversary — at Snap. She shares the differences between here-and-now AR vs what AR may look like in the future, discusses the importance of staying curious, and gives us her take on Tik Tok. Finally, we discuss the not-so-augmented-reality of navigating work in a Covid world which grants her the opportunity of doing what she loves from a city that she loves: San Diego.

Episode Notes

2:35 - Getting The Band Back Together For One Podcast

5:00 - Describing her versatile roles to today

5:22 - Driven by curiosity and challenge

7:20 - Katie's Objective: Work on Global brands from San Diego

8:17 - Relationships matter

9:32 - Katie explains her time at GoPro

11:06 -Katie's "up and down" relationship with San Diego

13:57- Making the jump to Snap

15:20 - Snap: a leader in vertical content

17:06 - Gen Z  on Snap -- especially during Covid

18:29- Katie shares that Snap is driven by their values

19:10 - Snap values: Smart. Kind. Creative.

22:47 - Katie discusses Snap's current growth mode

24:15 - The perks of starting on the same day as your boss: Kenneth Mitchell

26:06 - What to do when you don't know...

27:09 - Having A Curious Mindset

28:15 - Good results are contagious

28:32 - It becomes a winning game

29:06 - What advice would Katie 3.0 give Katie 1.0?

30:51 - A mind shift: having a plan to staying present

31:43 - Working on a brand she believes is everything...

33:48 - Consumer's don't have time for marketing BS

34:50 - Katie discusses Tik Tok

37:26 - The business value of AR

39:03 - Leading with transparency